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Movipods Productions is currently offering production and distribution

partnership options to our qualifying creative partners for a limited time.

It's no secret that there has been a shift toward the acquisition of 

properties from audio entertainment in recent years.


From true crime podcasts to fictional audio dramas,

studios and streamers are turning to audio dramas

as their go-to source of serialized content.


And with the advent of MoviPods, the world of audio entertainment

has opened up to include feature films in a brand new way.

By creating a MoviPod, writers, producers, actors, studios, and streamers

can tap into a new world of revenue streams, create buzz for their feature films,

and give audiences a brand-new way to engage with their projects.

Sample the first reel of some of our upcoming releases!

TIMESHIFTERS: Genre: Sci Fi Comedy

Playing The Changes: Genre: Drama

The Anuk Chronicles: Genre: Sci Fi Saga

Sound Equipment
At the Studio


Movipods Prestige Package

Full Movipod Production (up to 120 pages)



  • Bankable TV and Film Actor voices

  • Foley, Sound Design and SFX

  • Original and licensed music

  • Conceptualized Poster/Key Art

  • Submission to agents and production companies with pitch deck and script

  • Strategic launch to maximize visibility

  • Advertising and marketing support to promote Movipod by our company

  • Monetization on all podcast networks, (iTunes, Spotify, google, i-Heart, etc.) in partnership with Movipods and Spotify Ad network.

  • The writer retains all rights to the original screenplay.

  • Producer Credits and fees to Movipods Productions are to be negotiated in good faith in the event of a sale to a studio or streamer.



Contact Us For Pricing



Full Movipod co-production (up to 110 pages)


  • Known FILM and TV Actor Voices

  • Score

  • Foley

  • Original and licensed music

  • SFX and Sound Design

  • Conceptualized Movie Poster Key Art Poster Art

  • Featured Inclusion at APP launch as a pitch

  • Indie Gogo / Kickstarter support 

  • Submission to agents and production companies with pitch deck and script.

  • Film EP Credits and associated fees to Movipods team will be negotiated in good faith.

        Starting as low as $9,999


The ultimate sales tool for your film's packaging presentation featuring the highlighting your film's tone, dialogue, and  key plot points.


  • Initial onboarding meeting to discuss and review script/ project

  • Audio production toolkit checklist

  • Second meeting for initial feedback and guidance

  • Voice Actors casting

  • Full audio production

  • Final meeting to review and qualify for distribution through crowdfunding platforms

  • Film option rights reserved by writer

  • Release strategy and consideration as a MOVIPOD release on our network and app.



       PRODUCTION COST $1,500

(per finished minute )

to book a follow-up call
to discuss the next steps if you want to build momentum for your project

Film Preview
Examples of our previous work
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