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Hey there, fellow writers and directors! We're open for script submissions at Movipod, and we're all ears for your brilliant ideas. Whether it's a script for a Movipod Original or a full-blown feature film, we're eager to check it out. If your project catches our eye, we'll hit you up with a film option agreement and dive headfirst into the exciting journey of making your script shine as a MOVIPOD. So, what are you waiting for? Send in your masterpiece and let's create some magic together!

PRODUCERS may also submit their optioned projects for production consideration.  Extend your option timeline by launching your project into it's first iteration. We partner with producers to provide production, promotion, and distribution for qualified projects.

Our team can provide turnkey solutions to release, distribute and monetize their MOVIPODS.


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Heather Farlinger
Writer - "No Good Deed"

“I want to express my deepest appreciation to Mike Burns and the MoviPods team for their unmatched creative genius and lightning-fast turnaround


Mike’s enthusiasm, heart, and innovative approach have provided screenwriters like me with an invaluable asset that will greatly enhance our ability to get our work produced. Thank you, Mike, for revolutionizing the industry and empowering us all with your exceptional talent. This is a game-changer!

Philip .jpg

Phillip Urlevich
Writer/ Director


Writer / DIrector
"Pretend To Sleep"

“It was a pleasure working with Mike Burns as he coordinated the process of creating an audio teaser for "Pretend to Sleep".

He understood the dynamics of the story and was completely open to my feedback.k".”

"I was struggling so long to get some momentum with my screenplay "Timeshifters" until Movipods came along and turned it into an amazing AudioDrama! The whole company has been very supportive and we developed a great partnership to see my vision come true. The trailer they put together absolutely blew my mind.  My words came to life and I could see the final film in the horizon. Highly recommend!"

About Movipods

Movipods is the premiere narrative podcasting company and film incubator that aims to bridge the gap between screenwriters, production companies, and movie studios. Movipods is based in Hollywood, CA.



About the Founder

Mike Burns, a seasoned feature film Director, Producer,

GRAMMY-nominated songwriter, and Music Supervisor,

with over 80 feature film credits,

For a full BIO and Credits visit his website

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